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Writers For Peace Wanted

Writers wanted for a 'Writing For Peace' project which will be a collection of personal stories showing the detriment of war.  The aim is to have this published as a book with a message of peace.

Writers who believe in working toward peace are invited to submit a story for this project. The theme is 'how war has affected you or your life, either directly or indirectly'. Not an intellectual history piece, but rather a piece from the heart.

However please do not submit stories that *directly* answer this question or opinionative articles. It may include experiences as a military person or a military person from your family/circle (but not essential). Please 'show - don't tell'. As stated earlier, the aim is to show the detriment of war - that this collection become a book with a peace activist message.


Submissions to be in by Wed 30th April 2003


Writing for Peace

PO Box 598

Lyndoch SA 5351



Email Lea (above) with any queries.


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