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Hi Bonnie: These mini bookboxes are terrific. I make at least two dozen for every book signing I do and fill them with small candies. I attach a tassel to some and a keyring to others. Everyone thinks they're great!


Sandra Evans


Hello Bonnie: Just letting you know that I am very happy with the mini bookbox kit. They're very easy and economical to make. I have my wife and children make them and I take them with me to conventions and book signings. If you come up with any more ideas for promotional items, please let me know.


Jonathan Stevenson


Dear Bonnie: I'm sorry you didn't have this mini bookbox kit for sale years ago. I write mystery stories that usually involve crimes in, around, or involving hardware stores.


I printed a copy of my business card on the inside of the box lid and

filled the boxes with thumb tacks. Whenever I travel to booksignings, conventions, or even just on holidays, I visit local hardware stores and give them some of the bookboxes to hand out to customers. Some of the store owners have ordered my books and so have many of their customers.


Keep those ideas coming!


Nathanial Norris

Are you looking for inexpensive, easy to make promotional items for book signings and conventions?

The Writers' Guide and the miniature bookbox promo kit will soon be available at my online store at Cafe Press as a two for one special. They will both be on one CD and will be in RTF format to make it easier for everyone to use them.. You will have a variety of payment options to choose from, including PayPal.

Christmas Faeries Label
This is a view of an open bookbox with the label attached. You can see all areas of the book cover.

Promotional Items


Do you enjoy making your own promo items to give away at book signings and conventions? Miniature book boxes are a fun and inexpensive item to make.


Mini-book boxes are miniature boxes shaped like books. You can add your books cover art and any additional info you want. There is room inside for candies or any other small items you might want to include. You can decorate it with a tassel or even turn it into a keychain. They are very easy to make and you can turn it into a family project to get them done faster.


The boxes can be made from heavy weight paper or card stock. You will be able to make four boxes from one sheet of paper or card stock, and twelve labels from one sheet of label paper.


When you order the mini-book package you will receive full color patterns, cutting layout diagrams, and complete instructions for making the box and adding the text and artwork.


Please check out my online store regularly, so you will know when they are available.

Please make it payable to B.M.Schram. Also, please don't forget to include your email address so I can send it to you, and let me know which format you would prefer.


If you have a problem with receiving the files, please let me know and I'll resend them, or if you have a problem opening a particular format, let me know and I'll send it to you in a different format.


Please send everything to:



Receiving and Distribution Centre,

12 Bloomer St. Tillsonburg, ON, Canada

N4G 2L9

Please email Kerry!